Behind the Bb. Sunshine Label: Paulina Paige Ortega

Multidisciplinary designer and Bombvinos friend Paulina Paige Ortega gives us a glimpse into her creative process in creating the Bb. Sunshine label design. 

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Photography by Ellen Virgona

How did you get involved in talks around Bb. Sunshine? What were those early conversations like?

Through friendship, fated connections, and a shared appreciation of all things delicious and summery. I was very excited when Joey and Paolo approached me about the label design of their exciting collaboration with Konpira Maru, there were just so many things about it that just clicked and made sense to me. I had been a fan of Konpira Marus wines for a while now, and as a Filipino-Australian myself, was really eager to design something for both a Filipino and Australian brand.

Absolutely loved the creative process with the Bombvinos boys too. Straight off the bat, they came to me with refreshing ideas that referenced flavor notes that complemented Filipino food, as well as classic Filipino pop-cultural moments like the movie Temptation Island, which ultimately played a big part in the final label artwork. There is also a very cute backstory to all this in which my husband Clark first introduced Joey and Paolo to Konpira Maru all those years ago. So it felt a little full circle for them to involve me in this collaborative label.

How involved were you in the ideation process?

Quite involved, I would say! It was a very enjoyable collaborative experience. Taking that initial moodboard, flavor profile, and captured feeling from the boys and exploring different graphic ways of expressing it.

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Bb. Sunshine Label Study

What was your personal thought process for getting to the final label, and how did things change through the different iterations?

The main thing that drove my thinking was to capture that sense of 'sunshine' that the wine itself exuded, and that ultimately, a perfect day on a Philippine beach exuded. I wanted it to feel vibrant, summery, and carry a fun, punchy, tropical energy. Of course, we also wanted to nod to the references that informed the name of the wine itself, that beauty pageant look and posture which references the movie Temptation Island (from which the Bb. Sunshine name is derived), work a literal sun in there (as seen in her sun-crown), and create a light sense of place (coconut tree), the warmth of the sunshine reflected in the exuberant orange we selected for the label's backdrop color. It was almost like Bb. Sunshine was a literal miss sunshine of a person, the company you want to keep, the life of the party, the person you want to be seated next to at a gathering.

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In your mind, what does Bb. Sunshine represent? Who is Bb. Sunshine to you?

Bb. Sunshine encapsulates the warmth and exuberance of a perfect day home in the Philippines—beautiful tunes, a perfect sunset, a balmy breeze, delicious food, amongst even more delicious company.

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What keeps you motivated as a creative?

FInding joy in the process. When you're excited about the act of creating (rather than fixated on the results), any creative endeavor in and of itself can be endlessly motivating.

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