Note di Bianco
Alessandro Viola

Note di Bianco

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Still Skin-Contact

Made from Grillo

A classy natural white with some light skin-contact. Balanced citrus, a little saltiness, with some hints of vanilla + raisin. This is something you can share with mom or lola on an afternoon while munching on ensaymada or pan de sal with queso de bola spread. Would also pair well with a perfectly grilled fish and a side of salad.

About the Winemaker

"In wine there is a perfect chemical balance, only nature can go that far, who We are we to do better than nature?"

Alessandro Viola is a small biodynamic producer who makes wine on a 7 ha plot in Alcamo on the island of Sicily. His vineyard is on a hillside 220 m above sea level - providing a sea breeze that cools the grapes against the Sicilian heat.

Alessandro draws from his formal education in enology and viticulture and his winemaking experience throughout Europe. His philosophy is simple - use only the finest grapes and good wine will happen. He does not use any herbicides or fertilizers with the belief that adding anything throws off the natural balance of the land. 


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