Pétillant Naturel
Powicana Farms

Pétillant Naturel

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Sparkling Rosé

Made from Petite Sirah

This is one of the most memorable Sparkling Rosés we've sampled recently. Fine yet easy to drink.

  • Tropical flowers on the nose, and tropical fruits on the tongue.
  • Balanced zestiness with plenty of effervescence
  • Produced using Méthode Ancestrale, where the wines are bottled prior to completing fermentation, and it finishes in the bottle

About the producer

Powicana Farms is a small family farm specializing in small production Petite Sirah from their own biodynamic vineyard in Mendocino County. They strive to produce beautiful grapes and wines by growing pure soil, pure grapes, and making beautiful pure wines.

They are artisanal winegrowers and work on every single step - from growing the grapes to bottling the wine. In the vineyard, they follow the natural farming philosophy - no-till dry-farming, and sustaining a diversity of life in the vineyard and on the farm. In the cellar, they produce pure vibrant wines by respecting the living community within the wine and the natural fermentation and aging process.

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