Bianco Carbo 2019

Still Skin-Contact White

Made from Trebbiano and Passerina

A wine that'll make you go full-Ric Flair "WOOOO!". Deep, zesty orange wine with notes of tropical mango, citrusy apple, and a little bit of yeast. Can be enjoyed on its own nicely chilled, or with a hearty pasta like carbonara or a cacio e pepe. 

About the Producers (in their own words)

"We are Davide and Marco. We’ve been friends since 3 years old, and although we took different roads at times, we found each other again during college. Since then, we began our journey into the world of wine.

Our wines are made simply by spontaneously fermented grapes. We don’t add anything else, no clarifying agents or filtration. Residual lees and grape skins are indicators of a genuine and natural process, necessary to keep the wines alive.

We’re in a process of constant research, taking inspiration from many winemakers that we’ve met on our journey and with whom we continue to have a dialog about how to cultive, ferment, conserve and age wines. They are a source through which we synthesize our experience, which is in constant evolution."

Description from Zev Rovine Selections