Icarus Cabernet Merlot
Konpira Maru

Icarus Cabernet Merlot

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Still Red

Made from 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot

This a quality dry red that wouldn't be unfamiliar to fans of Bordeaux reds. Something to enjoy with meat - like Asian stir-fry beef, or a succulent cheeseburger.

  • Dark berries and a touch of chocolate
  • Rich, smooth, and earthy
  • Could probably bottle-age for another decade

About the producer

Konpira Maru was born in 2014 between two lads having a pint at the pub.

Sam Cook and Alastair Reed were both working in the wine industry in different capacities for several years, yearning for a creative outlet. Sharing a similar philosophy on viticulture and winemaking, and combined with beer-drinking values, they set out to create interesting wines with minimal intervention and maximum care - with a focus on affordability and high-drinkability.

With the aim of sourcing fruit from unknown vineyards across Australia, there are zero boundaries at Konpira Maru - whether that's with winemaking, blending or naming the wines themselves.


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