Roter Mulatschak

Roter Mulatschak

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Still Red

Made from St. Laurent and Zweigelt

A chill-able, energetic red with dark black fruit and earthiness. Would go very well with meaty stews and spicy food - perhaps a Thai duck curry?

About the Producer

"Meinklang is an original, family-run mixed farm, set in the middle of the World Heritage Site of the National Park Neusiedlersee, on the Eastern side of the Neusiedlersee Lake, bordering directly on the Hungarian lowlands, where life’s diversity and complexity are celebrated.

This farm functions much like an organism, relying not only on the people but also on the local herd of cows which contributes in an essential way with their natural and invaluable fertilizer.

The farm’s diversity is enriched by ancient grains such as spelt, farro, and einkorn wheat, as well as the fruit orchards and vegetable gardens, meadows of wild herbs and flowers, and the elegant charm of the grapevines."

Description from Zev Rovine Selections

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