Sun Hawk Farms "Sleepless Nights" Field Blend
Subject to Change

Sun Hawk Farms "Sleepless Nights" Field Blend

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Still Red

Made from 8 different grapes

A strongly aromatic and tasty red wine that borders on a heavy rosé. Mostly raspberry and strawberry. A fun one to enjoy over light conversation and easy-going tunes.

About the Winemaker

Subject to Change exists as a canvas to express the terroir of Northern California. The winery is proud to be part of a wine revolution defined by experimentation – where they need not to conform to a certain archetype in order to make wine exciting.

Subject to Change sources fruit exclusively from organic or biodynamic growers, and focuses on making wines that they like to drink - which can be on a spectrum from fun and whimsical, to serious and intellectual.

Their wines are fresh and often offbeat - just how they like it.

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