Vini Viola

Wines born from Aldo Viola’s fiery, charismatic and overwhelming soul, which absorb the energy of the earth - transforming it into unique scents and flavors.

Aldo is a 4th generation winemaker in his family. At the age of 20, he left Sicily to gain experience across Europe, and decided to return home in the early 2000s to create wines that express the terroir of the Trapani region in Sicily. His winery is located on 16 hectares of estate near Alcamo on the northwestern coast of Sicily, and the soil is exceptionally healthy thanks to organic and some biodynamic practices. He runs a small production of around 10,000 bottles per year, and takes charge of the process from planting of the vines to labeling of the bottles. Aldo creates fine natural wines of elegant character and exceptional drinkability that improve over time.

Excellence, Tradition, and Eco-sustainability are the three values that Aldo adheres to in his winemaking process.