You might ask why a natural wine distributor is expanding into mezcal.

The most obvious reason is that mezcal is simply a fun and delicious way to drink. But our interest in the spirit runs just a little deeper than that. The world of mezcal — much like wine — is rich and diverse. The nuanced flavors of wine are defined by variables like grape variety, terroir, regional culture, farming techniques, the winemaker’s style, and sometimes even yeast. Mezcal is pretty much the same, except you swap ‘grape variety’ with ‘agave variety’. Whenever we’ve had sessions where we would sample different mezcals, our minds were always blown by the diverse array of flavors. And like drinking natural wine has perhaps done for some of us, our goal is that immersing in the world of mezcal has the potential to open up our minds even further.

We’re proud to kick-off our mezcal portfolio with Madre, which has made mezcal more accessible across other markets with their strong marketing and distribution. Their offerings are a great introduction to what handcrafted mezcal made from 100% agave tastes like, and will undoubtedly start you off on your journey to discover even more flavors in other expressions of mezcal.

About Madre

Madre is a certified artisanal mezcal from Mexico. Handmade in the hills of Oaxaca. Crafted in open-air palenques using only agaves roasted in an earthen oven. Water from local aquifers and fermented from airborne yeast.

Madre reflects the essence of the earth in its purest form.



Round, full, and complex – with an earthy aroma and tasting notes of ginger, pine, sandalwood, and light mesquite. Use this to make a really nice mezcal margarita and pair it with shrimp tacos or grilled chicken skewers.


Aromas of lush agave with notes of vanilla, baking yeast and dill. The sweet flavors of roasted agave are balanced out by peppery and salty notes. Pair with Barbecue or sweet-ish chicken wings.