Lammidia is the product of lifelong friends David Gentile and Marco Guiliani. Having been friends since they were three years old, college took them on different career paths, but their passion for wine brought them back together again.

The road from drinker to vintner was an experimental one, it’s beginnings done with a lot of trial and error. It was in these early stages that the name Lammidia came about. The pair were making their first batch (back in 2010), they saw that the fermentation wouldn’t start. Open to anything, a grandmother performed a ritual to ward off evil spirits, and a few minutes later the fermentation kicked in. Lammidia came to life, Mmidia meaning “evil eye” in the Abruzzese dialect.

The approach is respecting the soil and grape. No heavy handed intervention, done always with the spirit of experimentation. Lammidia presents wines that are energetic and infectiously drinkable. No fancy tricks, just grape and hands getting dirty in the soil.