Milan Nestarec

Barvirka 2020

Serve hell-chilled, with an open mind - Milan Nestarec

Classical maceration n the skins, with gentle punch-downs in open-top vats, then rest in old 600L oak barrels for a bit less than a year. No carbonic, no tinkering in the cellar, just time, old-school "normal" methods and simplicity. 

Pronounced: "Bar-veezh-kah" 

It has low tannins, high colour, low alcohol and high drinkability. Amazingly full red colour an easy drinking red due to the low tannins flavor notes of blueberry and blackberry jam with hint of ripe plum and Sichuan pepper. A day time drinking red that is good to drink by ones self or shared with a friend.

Tasting Notes:  A refreshing clean tasting easy red with earthy, tabacco notes and hints of pepper or spice a bit of salty notes with a juicy red finish

Type: Red
Grape Variety: Made from Half Dornfelder third Zweigelt and a secret mix of white varieties. 
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2020
Bottle Size: 750ml 
Alcohol %: 11.5%

About Milan Nestarec 

If you ask him, Milan Nestarec isn't a winery - it's a worldview that just happen to be represented through wine. And he has certainly made this felt as one of the most visible personalities in the Czech Republic wine scene. Distinct for their life, vitality, and originality, his cuvées are highly sought after all over the world.

In his own words:

“The cuvées that come from our winery reflect the good and bad characteristics of the people who helped make them. They’re not asking for anyone’s compliments or praises. At first they may be closed, but once they’ve had time to relax, they become expressive and loyal friends.”