Blue Hyacinth
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Blue Hyacinth

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Still Red

Made from Lodi Touriga and Mendocino Cabernet

Welcome to Funkytown. Chuggable red like no other! Ideal to drink within the day of opening, as you won't be able to stop taking sips. This is juicy blue berries. One bottle isn't enough for sharing. 

About the Winemaker

Noel Diaz spent nearly 20 years in the restaurant business filling almost every position in both front- and back-of-house. Over the years, he became interested in the wine side of the dining experience, and became a restaurant wine buyer. This allowed him to get to know winemakers and understand their craft - which piqued his curiosity in the discipline, and eventually drove him pursue becoming a winemaker in 2013.

Noel's work ethic, ability to learn and adapt after every harvest, and natural ability has allowed him to create wines that are recognized to be some of the most unique in the natural wine world. 

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