Abbazia San Giorgio

Cloé Rosato 2019

Still Rosé

Made from Nerello Mascalese & a little bit of Zibibbo

A BOMBVINOS CLASSIC. Before we had a fancy website, we stocked this and it was one of the fastest to fly off our shelf. OG Bombvinos friends, you already know the vibes: vibrant, salty strawberry - this embodies a chug-able wine. Nothing more to say other than to remind you that we don't sell typical white girl Rosé - and this one is testament to that fact.

    About the producer

    Started between long-time friends Battista Belvisi, a Pantelleria native and farmer + winemaker, and Beppe Fontana, a traveling gourmand and chef, Abbazia San Giorgio aims to reflect the intense character and strong identity of Pantelleria - its small and enchanting island home situated halfway between Sicily’s mainland and Tunisia.

    Abbazia San Giorgio’s vines are trained employing vite ad alberello - an intricate method of vine farming first developed by the Phoenecians who arrived in Pantelleria >2,500 years ago. This has allowed the vines to thrive despite the harsh conditions, including heavy winds, scant rainfall, and harsh terrain.

    While not certified, Abbazia San Giorgio utilizes organic and biodynamic methods to care for its grapes, does not use any chemicals or additives, and only uses naturally-occuring wild yeast to ferment. No sulfites are added to the wine.