330 slm

Sparkling Skin-Contact/Orange

Made from Glera (commonly used for Prosecco)

Go with this if the definition of a perfect afternoon is lounging outdoors with a big pitcher of ice-cold calamansi juice next to you.

  • This is pretty much all citrus - we get a lot of calamansi from this one
  • Dry, crisp, and CLEAN
  • This one I’d go with boiled shrimp, dipped in toyo + suka

About the producer

Located in the northern hills of Venice, Costadilà’s ("the hillside over there") goal is to revive its region’s rich agricultural traditions by reintroducing natural farming. They run a small “closed-loop” organic farm with a strong emphasis on polyculture - where vines, fruits, vegetables, grains, and livestock are cared for on the same plots of land. Costadilá has taken this natural approach to a whole new level adopting the mission statement: "Articoltura" - which means Art, Agriculture, and Culture.

Costadilà is one of a handful of producers in the region re-igniting the ancient way of making Prosecco. Traditional grape varietals are fermented with yeasts found on the skin, and left to age with the lees (leftover yeast particles) for at least 5 months. The juice is then bottled with must (juice + skins, seeds, and stems) from dried grapes to undergo secondary fermentation in the bottle. This results in lightly sparkling, low-alcohol wines with sediment that are left in. No sulfur is used at any point in the process, and each bottling is named in accordance to the harvested grapes’ elevation (330=330m, etc...).