Cox Cider 2019
Konpira Maru

Cox Cider 2019

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Sparkling Cider

Made from Pink Lady Apples

This isn't your typical sugary sparkling cider that you might have tried on that trip to the US when you were a kid. This is in the tradition of European ciders - which means you can brag about it at the next party you bring it to.

Notes of... well, apple. We'll let the Konpira crew do the talking:

"This was definitely an experimentation year but we are bloody excited with the results given the amount of flavour and depth we were able to extract from the pink lady variety. As with all firsts, some lessons were learnt and with this one we see some sporadic gushing from the odd bottle, kind of like the padron pepper 1-in-10 rule. Not ideal but bloody hell, not bad for a first crack! If you are lucky enough to get an excitable bottle, just act like you won the grand prix and pour it over your head in self celebration, seriously liberating stuff.

Kinda like a cider pet nat……. Tepache vibes galore on the nose with hour old apple skin peelings. Some chalky, apple seed tannin with some seriously fun and bouncy carbonation."

    About the Producer

    Konpira Maru was born in 2014 between two lads having a pint at the pub.

    Sam Cook and Alastair Reed were both working in the wine industry in different capacities for several years, yearning for a creative outlet. Sharing a similar philosophy on viticulture and winemaking, and combined with beer-drinking values, they set out to create interesting wines with minimal intervention and maximum care - with a focus on affordability and high-drinkability.

    With the aim of sourcing fruit from unknown vineyards across Australia, there are zero boundaries at Konpira Maru - whether that's with winemaking, blending or naming the wines themselves.

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