Milan Nestarec

Danger 380 Volts


One of our most beloved wines, a salty-citrus-exotic undisgorged sparkler born in 2017. With wonderful energy, as the name suggests. Btw the current 2020 edition could easily be called 400V (the voltage currently running through the grid, my friend electrician told me), given the zippy acidity brought by the vintage.

Fast forward to spring 2017: we're tasting my second iteration with my wife and it is... freaking awesome! So refreshing, so energetic. Totally fulfilling my wish of capturing the unique young, invigorating energy that wine has during its fermentation. This is such a huge deal to me. Sometimes I wonder if I might have been an electrician in one of my previous lives.

As we were drinking this electrifying wine, right next to us, no kidding, stood an electric transformer adorned with that notorious “Danger 380V” sign. And bang! The name & label were born in a sec.

A field blend from our sandy vineyard called Sahary. There's Neuburg for personality, Muller for quantity (that warning on the back label ain't there for nothing; it drinks veeery easily and we need to make enough of it), and Muscat for some out-of-this-world tropical oomph.


An explosion of aromas with great exciting bubbles. Notes of grapefruit, orange and pear with subtle hints of yuzu and lemon. Fresh and refreshing with great acidity. 

 TYPE Pet Nat
GRAPE VARIETY A blend of Neuburg, Muller and Muscat
COUNTRY Czech Republic
YEAR 2021
ALC % 11%


We recommended having this well-chilled enjoyed by the pool, by the beach perfect thirst quencher to beat the Manila heat. 



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