Floppy Giggle Day
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Floppy Giggle Day

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Still Skin-Contact

Made from Semillon

At 10% alc, this is a light but stunning skin-contact that'll make you want some heat to pair this juice with. Notes of tropical fruit and jalapeño, this would go so well with pork tacos or Pinoy pork barbecue.

About the producer

One a farmer and the other a musician, husband and wife team Andrew and Louise moved to Mount Gambier (Andrew’s childhood town) to start a family and a wine label. They wanted to harness their knowledge in organic farming and permaculture to create a wine label that inspires home-grown eating, drinking, and music that nourishes the land and reflects their personalities - all to share with their community.

Andrew and Louise use old world wine methods - preferring the challenges of hand picking fruit, open fermenting with indigenous yeast, and only adding sulphur when required by the wine. They do not filter or fine their wines and they are all bottled on site in their small winery. Their aim is to produce great tasting unique wines expressing the unique cool, volcanic terroir above anything else.

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