Il Mio Barbera
Donati Camillo

Il Mio Barbera

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Still Red

Made from Barbera

A silent killer. 14% alcohol, but deliciously effervescent that you may not notice. Clean, juicy, and spicy, with deep fruit - kinda like a fruit cake, actually. Letting it breathe makes it a little more palette-friendly. This one is for when you want to start the night slow, savor what you're drinking - and before you know it you're fighting with your friends over who gets to play the next pop ballad to scream your lungs out to.

About the Winemaker

Donati Camillo is a small 11-ha estate in the Emilia-Romagna region started in the 1930s and now run by third-generation family members. They focus on making lambrusco and other sparkling wines from grapes grown biodynamically, and adhere to methode ancestrale with no sulphur added. 

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