Il Mio Malvasia
Donati Camillo

Il Mio Malvasia

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Sparkling Skin-Contact

Made from Malvasia

Full-flavored. Fat. Floral. Just the right combi of sweet and sour. Stone fruit. This is just one of the most memorable Pét-Nats you will ever have. Long-skin maceration did the trick! To be enjoyed when you just wanna feel good in your insides.

This is one of the first Pét-Nats Joey had ever tried, and he never forgot it. What a honor to carry this wine.

About the Winemaker

Donati Camillo is a small 11-ha estate in the Emilia-Romagna region started in the 1930s and now run by third-generation family members. They focus on making lambrusco and other sparkling wines from grapes grown biodynamically, and adhere to methode ancestrale with no sulphur added. 

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