Limite Acque Sicure

Limite Acque Sicure

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Still Red

Blend of red grapes - mainly Montepulciano

For those who want to know what a funky red tastes like - this is your guy! This one has got character for sure - an acquired taste.

  • Just the right amount of funkiness with some slight effervescence
  • Hints of underripe strawberry
  • Tastes very similar to a Beaujolais gamay made from carbonic maceration
  • Recommend trying with beef steak Tagalog - matches well with the slight asim of calamansi

About the producer

Controvento (“Upwind”) was started in 1978, and is run by the 2nd generation of the family. The 5-ha winery is situated inside Rocca San Giovanni, a protected area which is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. ‘Upwind’ refers to the salty sea breeze that comes in from the not-too-far-away Adriatic sea in Abruzzo. The farm is fully organic, and zero chemicals are used in the winemaking process.

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