Yetti and the Kokonut

Metro Savignin

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Still Skin-Contact

Made from 2 batches of Savignin fermented with skins slightly differently

Fruit and nut, drizzled with honey and salt. Simply smashing to share over good conversation.

About Yetti and the Kokonut (in their words)

"The world has given us many dynamic duos, Batman & Robin, Sonny & Cher, the adding of Milo to milk... Enter Yetti & The Kokonut. David Geyer and Koen Janssens met in 2015 and set forth to experiment with grapes in exciting new ways, think of it as drinking outside of the box. With their feet in the vineyards and their tongues in their cheek, a new breed of wines were created that unlike your sketchy friend, needed minimal intervention. These creations have finally escaped the laboratory and and are now available right here. Pour decisions? Step right this way..."