Konpira Maru

Mt. Midoriyama Total Victory

A legendary Petnat that is a must try! Especially for someone new to natural wine. A wine that we work our asses off to make sure they're available. 

This is one of those classic fun pet-nats that are just a delightful way to beat the heat. Pair with some Cheetos and 80s jams in your yard (try How Will I Know by Whitney Houston for starters)

We recently enjoyed this with a fiesta of Tacos and Quesadillas from the folks @Lagrima -- so much Yum! (Mushroom Quesadilla was bomb). 

Tasting Notes: Notes of strawberries and watermelon. Fresh and bright with a hint of sweetness has light funk and fine bubbles 

Type: Pét Nat
Grape Variety: 75% Sagrantino, 20% Vermentino, 5% Dolcetto
Country: Australia
Year: 2021
Bottle size: 750ml

Best served COLD asf (not frozen) @ anywhere (really).

About the producer: Learn more about Konpira Maru's story here