Pinot Nero 2014

Pinot Nero 2014

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Still Red

Made from Pinot Nero (w/c is just Italian for Pinor Noir hehe)

One of our favorite Pinot Noirs EVER. If you take your elegantly understated reds with a lot of depth seriously, we're pretty damn sure this is gonna make it to your "must-have-stock-at-all-times" list.

Beautiful, silky red fruit with touches of herbs will envelope your taste buds and linger long after you swallow - IF you don't get tempted you shove in another mouthful. Only the SLIGHTEST hint of funk to remind you that this was made with very little additives but a whole lotta love.

Pairs SO VERY WELL with 'Oh Happy Day' by The Edwin Hawkins Singers. And your usual Pinot Noir food pairings too, sure.

In the Producer's Own Words:

"After having worked this earth for many years, Voltumna was established in
2012. Since then we have made many mistakes, many breakthroughs and always
some steps backwards. We enjoy producing our wines, always experimenting new
solutions, adapting ourselves to variations in the climate and hoping that some
of our joy makes it into the bottles. We hope for each of our wines to be unique,
with strong character, and recognizable - and we want it to be clear that they are the
product of our land, our own minds and hands."

- Valeria and Marzio

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