Rosso Puglia

Still Red

Profit from this sale of this wine will go to Filipinos experiencing hardship during the COVID crisis - particularly groups/communities that are overlooked by large donors. 

As you may have noticed by now, we try not to take ourselves and our wines too seriously. But what we do take seriously are issues around social justice.

A few weeks ago, Valentina Passalacqua’s father was arrested on charges of labor exploitation with his farm workers. Valentina herself wasn’t legally implicated, but information unearthed by @glougloumagazine suggests that she was likely complicit in what was going on. If you have a few minutes, highly suggest you visit their page to learn more as we can't do justice to the level of effort and clarity they have provided to illuminate the issue. 

In light of what’s happened, we have decided to no longer source wines from Valentina. To be frank, it was painful for us to make this decision given that Valentina was one of the first winemakers to agree to work with us. But what she is complicit in goes against our belief in treating everyone (especially co-workers and employees!) with dignity and respect, and against the communal spirit that we wish to proselytize with natural wine. We wish her peace, and hope she can right the wrongs of her past actions.

We find ourselves in a tricky situation as a large Calcarius order we made a few months ago just arrived. As such, we will be selling these wines on our website and donate the profits to assist Filipinos experiencing hardship due to the COVID crisis. We want to particularly focus on groups/communities that are overlooked by large donors, and we would appreciate any suggestions provided through DM. 

As we continue to grow our business and the natural wine community in the Philippines, we will endeavor to stay true to our purpose by being more meticulous about who we work with and by making sure that we treat our employees and partners with fairness and equity. We have just one thing to ask of you - keep us honest, and call us out when you think we should be doing better. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

- Paolo and Joey