What's Bombvinos all about?

Bombvinos was initially born out of selfishness.

Friends Paolo and Joey share the same passion for experiencing what's at the forefront of food and drink. They each lived in San Francisco and New York respectively for a time, and got to witness the rise of natural wines ushered by progressive chefs and restaurants in those cities. Like true hypefeasts(lol), they became enamored with the unique flavors and sensations that natural wine provided. As they started to move back home to the Philippines, they realized that natural wine became such a central part of their lifestyles that they couldn't easily live without it.

They decided to try bringing some wines back home to see if there would be a taste for it among their friends, and they were ecstatic to switch them on in the same way they got switched on. Even more - they didn't expect that word would get around, and they got a ton of inquiries from a sizable number of Filipinos who have gotten to experience natural wines in their travels and had fallen in love with it as they had.

So here we are: bringing in the liveliest and juiciest natural wines from all around the world. Not just to selfishly satisfy our cravings, but to satiate kindred souls' lust for the good wine, and to awaken a desire among the curious and open-minded.

This is both Paolo and Joey's first foray into wine (and while they're both working full time to boot), so please bear with us as we learn how to manage the complexities of farm-to-warehouse lead times, portfolio mixes, managing multiple orders, and corny-ass copy/descriptions (hopefully you made it this far). But we're grateful you're here for this passion project of ours, and we're very excited to serve you.

For general inquiries (especially pushy suggestions on which wines to carry) feel free to DM us at our Instagram @bombvinos, or shoot us a line at bombvinos@gmail.com.


In case you're wondering about the name:

Bomb: (after 1997) Something considered excellent and/or the best (Source: Urban Dictionary)

Vinos: Italian for wine

Inspired from the bombino grape - of which one of our first products Calcarius Bianco is made from.

Also alludes to "bambino", Italian word for baby or young child - which is what we are in the wine business. 👶