Natural Wine

Ok, admittedly there’s no clear-cut distinction - more of a philosophy. Natural winemakers strive to involve as little human intervention as possible in their processes. Little to no filtering, sulfites, or synthetic molecules in their vines.

This style of ‘lo-fi winemaking’ was once widely frowned upon in the conventional wine world, but has proven to produce some wonderful results.

Think about the taste profile you look for in any beverage! If you like sour, cider-y, kombucha-like drinks, we definitely have somethin for that. If you like sweet, fruity, and bubbly drinks, we got you covered too! All you gotta do is ask. Let the journey begin!

A fridge is ideal, but any cool, dry place away from direct sunlight works too.

Generally, we like anything cold and refreshing! But at the end of the day it’s up to your preference. Some of our deep and serious reds are pretty great at room temperature, though I’m not sure if you’d want your petnat that way...

Here's a general guide:
Red - 12˚C -14˚C
Rose - 7˚C - 10˚C
Orange/White - 8˚C -10˚C
Pét Nat/Sparkling - 8˚C -10˚C

Natural wines could last three to four days in the refrigerator. Maybe less if they’re frizzante!

They last much longer if you can seal them air tight. Check out our accessories

For the most part, yes! Natural wine makers tend to forego the fining process, which often involves animal products.

Many wine variants still do contain sulfites in order to preserve them for distribution, but it’s much less than what can be found in conventional wines. Whatever sulfites are found in a natty are often a natural result of the fermentation process vis-a-vis 


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