A HOMECOMING: How to enjoy Nestarec ft. Kix

by Mia Recto

What we in Bombvinos love about natural wines is that it surprises us. The colors of these wines are so different compared to the average wine because of its colorful hues, which makes us curious about the flavor. The label is usually art of some sort, usually it is a creative depiction of what the artist felt when they first took a sip of that bottle. The initial flavor you get when first sipping a glass of natty is its vibrancy - it explodes in your mouth and makes your taste buds long for more because you, your brain, tongue, body (and soul) just want to understand the flavor more. And that’s exactly what makes natural wine so fun and exciting - each sip can offer different flavors and vibes, it’s easy to say that it inspires.

And what’s more creative than natural wine pairings like a DJ set, housewarmings, lechon, cake, cheetos, or quezo de bola ice cream? (If you have an answer to this question, please dm our Instagram).

Last month, Bombvinos collaborated with Kix Suarez - a singular creative and fellow natural wine enthusiast. We gave him the freedom to do a wine review of 9 Milan Nestarec wines, and being the creative that he is, he brought the wines to life by placing them in real life settings. 


Kix treated his parents to Métiz - a French-inspired Filipino restaurant in Makati that focuses on fermented local ingredients. The occasion and food called for something bubbly, exactly what Kix went for. Enter: Danger 380 Volts, because of its texture in the mouth, this bottle brought out the tastefulness of each plate.

~for the soul~

You can’t have music with no drinks, and you can’t have drinks with no music. I mean, that’s just the rule of life. Kix, along with his DJ friends paired the Bum Bum Cha with disco music and started their own dance party at home. This party was so complete because aside from the cool beats from the live DJ, they paired it with a moist and creamy cake - yup, a party in all senses of the body! 


Okay, first of all, who hosts fiestas at home?! With lechon as the main course?! Apparently Kix Suarez does. This time, he paired lechon with the Danger 380 Volts. A perfect pairing if you’ll ask me. The fattyness and crunch of the lechon with the bubbles of this perfect and citrusy pét nat just inspired me to host a party of my own.

The usual pairing with lechon would probably be an ice cold beer. The reason for this is that the beer cleanses the palette from all the oil of the dish. It takes away the “umay” and allows us to keep munching! But what most people don’t realize is that lechon does not only go with beer, but it can pair well with wine too! An ice cold pét nat with lechon, anyone? 


“For fun times,
make it Bombvinos wines”

- Kix Suarez

Kix brought the Forks and Knives White to his friend’s new apartment as a housewarming gift and for their day drinking session. The Forks and Knives line of Milan has always been one of his favorites as they are easy to drink, low in alcohol, which makes it the perfect day drink. The label of this wine suggests “Dance with me to the end of the wine”, and the F&K line was made to be an affordable and friendly wine. 


Wine + Dinner = Winner

When planning a dinner or shall I say, winner, with a pack of people, it is always a good idea to bring out the big guns. And what I mean by big guns is THE BIG STUFF. The oversized bottles that we can crack open and enjoy because everyone can have a glass or two (or three) as they please. This is exactly what went down when Kix had a dinner party with friends, while his friend (@ahomekewk on Instagram) prepared the chow to go with it.

The Bel 2020, Nach, and OKR are 1 liter bottles of natty goodness by Milan Nestarec. These bottles are fun, easy, and plenty to share around the table. They enjoyed these bottles plus his favorite Forks and Knives Red (also by Milan Nestarec) with some molé, roasted veggies and quezo de bola ice cream. 

We celebrate creativity and collaboration in every form; So where do you take Bombvinos? How do you celebrate with Bombvinos? Show us here!