Auro Chocolate + Bombvinos Wines - A Sinfully Delicious, Guilt-Free Pairing

Chocolate doesn’t immediately come top of mind when it comes to wine pairings, but when done right can be a surprisingly rewarding tasting experience.

During our Halloween party some months ago, we partnered with Auro Chocolate to provide our guests with some post-meal desserts. Auro initially caught our attention for the things they stood for — their commitment to supporting sustainable farming, and showcasing unique and bold flavors of chocolate. As we got to try the chocolates ourselves, we quickly realized that the complex flavors played off well against some of our wines.

Auro Chocolates are distinct from the typical chocolates you can find on most grocery shelves. Digging a little deeper into their approach and philosophy, they seek to celebrate the diversity and complexity of flavors that go beyond the one-note flavors that most store-bought chocolate is known for. Hence, their chocolates have a lot more fruitiness, and are often accentuated with some locally-sourced ingredients like peanuts and calamansi to further reveal new angles of flavor.

Pairing Auro’s Calamansi Cheesecake with our No Es Pituko Rosé, the fruitiness of both the chocolate and the wine complemented each other perfectly. The rosé’s tropical fruit notes made the calamansi and the sweetness of the white chocolate shine through. The pairing experience reminded us of Pop Rocks — the chocolate was crunchy, and the wine made the flavors even more playful. 

We also paired Auro’s Salted Peanut with Milan Nestarec’s Barvirka (Bar-veezh-kah), a natural red wine with notes of pepper and saltiness. This is a pairing that was simply meant to be, as the wine’s ripe fruitiness complemented the velvety chocolate. This combo is something we imagine a Meryl Streep or Diane Keaton character would indulge in a Nancy Meyers movie.

Pairing two natural mood boosters got the Bombvinos team on a high that we can’t wait for you to experience for yourself. Cue up a Nancy Meyers film for an unbeatable feel-good time.