Chiar'otto Rosato 2018
Villa Calicantus

Chiar'otto Rosato 2018

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Still Rosé

Made from... A LOT. Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara, and Sangiovese - all from biodynamically-farmed 50+ year-old vines, which means a lot of character like your lola who has opinions on all your friends.

Oh, that was it. I thought that was the only thing necessary to describe this wine. But if you want more... Definitely not your usual rosé. Bottle bursting with energy and wild strawberries. For the beach and good times - or if you can't have either, when you need both.

Pairs well with 'Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above' by CSS.

In the Producer's Own Words:

"It is not only a winery, but also a dream; a dream made of passion, respect and
love for the land: to prove that it is possible to produce great wine for ageing in
the Bardolino area. This is why we want to return to the roots of a denomination
that mass tourism and oenology have now declassified to minor. Here at Villa
Calicantus we believe that by meticulously working the vines, it is possible to
return to the great Bardolino wines from the ‘60s, where drinkability, elegance
and delicacy were synonyms of complexity."

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