Madre Mezcal: Espadin


The Most Natural Spirit: A single varietal exploration 

From the Earth
Espadin: Agaves from multiple geographies and terroir, chosen for distinct flavor profiles, this single varietal blend accomplishes a mouthfeel and smoothness that surpasses far more expensive and rare varietals. A bright and balanced mezcal, great as a lighter sipper or in upscaled versions of tequila-based cocktails. 

Process: The artisanal process infuses every drop with the flavors of the earth. To drink Madre is to taste the land where the agaves grow, the minerals from the open air ovens, and the wild yeasts that blows in the wind. This unique connection to our planet gives the product its name. Madre is Mother Earth. 

  • Diverse Terroir 
  • Full Spectrum Flavor
  • Remarkably smooth
  • Alcohol: 40%

Location: Sustainably made in the hills of the Oaxaca, Mexico 


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