The Filipino glassmaker launches a small collection of wine glasses  their biggest products yet. Perfectly paired with some of our Konpira Maru favorites ✨

Filipino artist Goldie Poblador has been turning heads online (and in meatspace!) with her yonic-inspired, handcrafted shot glasses, which she sells under Barbae. The collection was originally intended as an installation entitled “Babae” (2019) — created in response to a comment made about shooting female rebels in the vagina. She expanded this concept into a design line that now includes both homeware and wearables. 

Barbae’s latest release is now their tallest glass available, measuring in at roughly 12 cm. The six-piece collection comes in three colorways, each bundled up with a free bottle of natural wine from Konpira Maru (lovingly chosen and handed over by the Bombvinos staff) 💮

Take a look at the new release and their corresponding pairings, with some lovely write-ups from the Barbae team! Glasses were shot by Cru Camara, and assisted by Telle Ramos. Konpira Maru bottles were shot by JL Javier. 


Anaïs vs. MK Rosé

Rendered in pink sapphire glass and inspired by the French feminist writer Anaïs Nin, the Anaïs wine glass is paired with the MK Rosé, a still rosé made from pinot noir and pinot gris. Its bold pink color and the summery, slightly floral flavor truly come alive in the Anaïs.

Brown Sugar vs. Icarus Cabarnet Merlot

Made in clear amber glass with hints of opaque brown hues, the Brown Sugar wine glass pairs perfectly with the Icarus Cabernet Merlot. The rich, earthy flavor reminiscent of dark berries and a touch of chocolate reminds us of the Brown Sugar’s deep syrup color.

Gabriela vs. Admiral Ackbar

Named after the Filipina revolutionary Gabriela Silang and rendered in opaque light topaz with hints of opaque brown and yellow hues, the Gabriela wine glass comes with a bottle of Admiral Ackbar sémillion. The skin-contact wine’s peppery, tropical notes light up in our golden Gabriela.

You may purchase a Barbae wine glass for ₱6,450 per piece or ₱11,650 in pairs via Barbae’s order form.