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When natural wine’s been referenced in award-winning TV shows and placed on the menus of the world’s finest restaurants, you know you’ve got to have a taste. 

You might have heard the term ‘natural wine’ at some point within the past few years. Maybe you’ve encountered it on menus sometime in your travels before the pandemic hit. Perhaps a friend who’s returned from overseas eagerly mentioned it in a conversation or two. You’ve probably even seen that Action Bronson Vice documentary where he jumps from place to place drinking the best damn natural wine they’ve got in France, or that one Succession episode where two characters crack open a bottle of it. The natural wine boom has been pretty much undeniable, most particularly in the 2010s when more and more natural wine bars have been popping up in some of the world’s coolest cities. What’s with all the hype, really? And what does natural wine have that conventional wine doesn’t? Sure it’s popular now, but it really isn’t the newest thing out there. The natural winemaking process has been done for thousands of years and it’s definitely going to stick around for even longer. Got questions? We have answers. Dive into the colorful world of natural wine and learn just how relevant its comeback into the mainstream beverage scene really is.
First things first—what in the world is natural wine?
While there’s actually no standard or official definition for the term ‘natural wine,’ the most basic way to explain it is that it’s wine with nothing added or taken away from it. Vox calls it “unadulterated fermented grape juice and nothing else.” They’re absolutely right.

The grapes used to make natural wine are grown via organic agriculture (also more sustainable for the environment), meaning no pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, other chemicals, and similar synthetic aspects that are usually integrated in traditionally-made wine. Harvests are completely manual and the farmers don’t use machines to pick the grapes. On sulfites, the preservative used to maintain taste, it’s up to the winemaker’s discretion, but regularly, none or very little is placed.

The result is an earthy, unique flavor that’s usually described as “alive.”

Is the fact that it causes fewer hangovers legit?

Sommelier Keri Levins says that it does help with preventing the usual hangovers and headaches that come with drinking conventional wine because it doesn’t contain chemicals or other synthetic ingredients, but it still depends on how much you drink. But either way, you know what they say—too much of a good thing can bite you back in the ass, so drink moderately!

So...does that mean natural wine is healthier?
Natural wine has zero chemicals and synthetics, but aside from this, it contains a lot more antioxidants than traditional wine does. The group of antioxidants that are found in grapes is called polyphenols, designed to prevent ugly stuff like bacteria and disease. Traditional wine usually uses grapes that are grown with chemicals, and when chemicals get into the picture, the grapes produce fewer polyphenols. Since natural wine is produced with no artificial interference, your body gets more benefits from antioxidants as compared to conventional wine.
I heard natural wine is a tad bit more expensive. What’s up with that?
Because it isn’t created with the help of machines and has 0 chemicals, it is instead made with manual labor, patience, and extra TLC. Conventional wine is also more commercialized with reduced costs due to their big machines that help them produce everything. Natural wine is made with care and love; every single penny would be worth it.

I’ve only just heard about natural wine, though. Is it only a trend or is it here to stay?
You probably only just heard of natural wine now because it’s having a resurgence in the world of wine today, thanks to consumers being more conscious of what they put in their bodies and their simple desire for new experiences! But as mentioned, the process of making natural wine is actually the oldest known winemaking process in the world and has been around for thousands of years. The more conventional method of winemaking is far younger, while natural winemaking is the true traditional way of doing it. Even if it is considered trendy these days, it’s not just a trend, and it is indeed here to stay.

So yeah, get ready to see more natural wine and similarly made fermented grape juices in the future!
Why should I choose natural wine over traditional wine?
Since they are no longer constrained by the traditional rules and constraints of conventional wine, natural winemakers are free to fully express themselves through the craft of winemaking, resulting in fresh, exciting flavors and profiles that are only found in natural wine, and nowhere else. Cases in point—orange wines, sparkling red wines, rosés that taste like red wine, and so many more.

Next up, it’s actually more Filipino-friendly! Natural wines are generally less tannic and easy to drink. They're also lighter and lower in alcohol content, which makes them the best companion to the local tropical weather. Love Filipino food, too? You can have them with natural wine! Its flavors tend to pair well with most Filipino dishes as they are equally as bold and flavorful as Filipino cuisine.

But really, it’s pretty much just great with all kinds of food. If you’re a lover of comfort food, then natural wine is the beverage for you! Its varied tastes pair well with a lot of types of comfort food, from pizza and burgers to sushi and tacos. Plus, have you heard that natural wines frequent the menus of the most renowned fine dining establishments on the planet? Talk about the best of both worlds.

Okay, consider me sold! Where can I get natural wine?
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