So our team tried three different mezcal recipes during one of our meetings at the office, and they turned out GREAT! It was fun to prepare everything as a team, and taste first hand how good Madre is in a cocktail.

Check out some of these recipes we learned from Madre Mezcal, and a few other sources we found. We also substituted some of the elements with more local ingredients like dalandan and honey – for a more accessible and Filipino take!


In a shaker:
Add in Ice 
2oz Madre Mezcal Espadin
1oz Pineapple Juice
1oz Lime Juice
0.5oz or a fair dollop of Honey, then;
Shake shake shake
Lastly, garnish with lime


In a shaker:
Add 2 oz Madre Mezcal Espadin
Pour in 1 oz Honey
Put 0.75 oz Lemon Juice
Then 0.75 oz Egg White
And 0.25 oz Dalandan
Dry shake then shake again with ice
Garnish the cocktail with an orange wedge


In a copper mug:
Add ice
Pour in 0.5 oz Madre Mezcal Ensamble
1.5 oz Madre Mezcal Espadin
Squeeze 0.5 oz of Lime juice
Pour the Ginger beer until mug is full
Garnish with lime & mint

We hope you enjoy these cocktails as much as we did!
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