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Bombvinos Bodega Through The Lens of Ennuh Tiu

To kick off our series of visual diaries is Ennuh Tiu / @ennuhchew, who brought her creative lens and signature colors into our home.

“Walking into Bombvinos Bodega felt like stepping into an awesome adventure, where you wouldn’t know what to expect,” Tiu tells us.

She brought along fellow artists, @andrechance and @mynegativefeelings. The three brought the space to life with their energy, where they ate, drank, and documented their afternoon.

“What really got me was how the place could transform. There were these cozy nooks for solo moments and areas that just begged for spontaneous get-togethers. It felt like a canvas ready for whatever the moment called for—laughter, stories, or just the sound of glasses clinking."

"The possibilities in that place [Bombvinos Bodega] were pretty much endless. It was more than just a spot to eat and drink; it was like diving into a world where good food, chill vibes, and great drinks all came together."

"Here's to Bombvinos Bodega, where the corners hold countless possibilities and every visit is a chance for unforgettable moments."


All images courtesy of Ennuh Tiu