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Introduction to Natural Wines

What is Natural Wine?

Natural wine - also referred to as low-intervention wine - is wine that is made with as little human intervention as possible.

Among several other things we're probably missing here, that means:
Beyond the technical definitions though, natural wine is (we hate to use it but it's true) a vibe. It's closely associated with the farm-to-table and slow food movements led by luminary chefs like Rene Redzepi of Noma. Many hip and youthful restaurants/bistros in cities like Paris, New York, and Tokyo offer a curated selection of natural wines to complement the creative and virtuous sensibilities of the restauranteurs and chefs.
One may think that natural wine is a recent movement, but it's actually more of a revival. There's archeological evidence that Georgians (country - not US state) made and drank naturally-made wine 10,000 years ago. The Greeks and Romans likely drank wine made in the same manner. Jesus also probably drank natural wine. But to the point of recency, increased interest in natural wine accompanies shifting mindsets towards more conscious consumption- knowing where what we eat and drink comes from, and leaning towards sources and suppliers that are more sustainable and better for our health.

Apostles of natural wine will tell you that it is a living and breathing expression of the land it comes from, and the values and spirit of the winemaker. Because of the minimal additives and processes utilized to make the juice, imbibing it is as close as you can get to experiencing the magic of the place where its from - whether it be the volcanic and expansive landscapes of Mount Etna, Sicily; the breezy and sun-kissed fields in Baja California, Mexico; or the dramatic and storied hills of Georgia (country - not state!).
Milan Nestarec's BumBum Cha

There definitely is magic to be experienced in every bottle - and it surely helps that each and every one tastes so uniquely good. We remember experiencing our favorite bottles of natural wine - and it would be our honor to deliver that experience for you.